Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why "Marisol"?

Reading the creative interpretation of Psalm 95, below, by Norman Fischer, I was reminded of the assumption within Jewish tradition of what theologian Martin Buber called the "I/ Thou Relationship." I offer it as one explanation of why Marisol (Mar y Sol - Sea and Sun) features prominently in the name of my practice.

Singing to you
Erupting into shouting
At the place of the rock of our salvation
Coming gratefully and gracefully before you here
Affirming without words, the music of our mouths
That we are possessed by you, yours entirely

For you give us the gift of sovereignty
A power above all others
The majesty of our absolutely being

You whose hands touch the earth’s depths
Whose heart pierced the mountain peak

The always changing sea is yours for it exists because of you
And your hands have formed the firmness of the lands

So we come in awe, offering the earth and sea of ourselves to you
Bending what we are toward you, shaper of us

For you are our beyond and we are your doing

Ameyn, ameyn.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

 Mountain Yoga celebrates 10 years in Montclair Village. Free mini-classes and massage sessions all day! You can sample some of my work there, among the practitioners. 9/29 1:30-6:30pm